Volatus 200

The cabinet milled from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum which provides perfect isolation from EMI and zero mechanical vibration is a piece of art in itself. Equipped with both analog power supply and switching mode amplifier unit the Volatus 200 delivers stunning driving ability for most speakers.


Sigma to Delta modulation scheme

Optimized amplification technique provides much lower out of band noise emission, better audio performance side by side with top grade traditional class-A amplifier.


Post filter feedback architecture

Unique error correction loop that detects residue error directly from speaker binding post. Excellent distortion and intermodulation performance is maintained throughout the entire audio bandwidth, regardless of load impedance.


Overwhelming power supply

Equipped with two 250VA tororidal transformers and an extremely low ESR capacitor array with a total capacitance of 36,000uF, the power supply of Volatus 200 is capable of generating an instantaneous current of over 60A. To get rid of mechanical vibration, a unique polyurethane resin is used for transformer encapsulation. Together it yields a forceful yet quiet power supply.


Ultra low noise

Each circuit board layout is carefully optimized to avoid mutual noise coupling. With all these measures, the dynamic range of the amplifier is up to 116dBA! Audio signal can be revived without loss of any detail!


Bullet proof machined aluminum enclosure (T6082)

Provide perfect isolation against electro-magnetic interference (EMI), Radio-Frequency interference (RFI), as well as mechanical vibration. Enclosure is divided into separate internal compartments, further eliminate noise coupling between different parts of circuit.


Thermally stable operation

Small dissipation, together with extra thick heat sink path, results a virtually constant operating temperature. Minimum run-in time is required, and will remain stable even when played loudly.


Dual stage heavy duty AC-line filter

Double effectiveness AC-line filtering that completely remove any noise from powerline, without limiting amplifier output power.


Instrumental differential audio input

True balanced, high impedance audio input provides superb common mode noise rejection.


Complete fail-safe protection system

Sophisticated protection circuit ensure all round protection against Short circuit, overheat or DC leakage.




Power output:

200 W RMS, 8Ohm (THD < 1%)
400 W RMS, 4Ohm (THD < 1%)

Frequency response:

10 Hz to 45 kHz (+0/-3 dB)

Voltage gain:

26 dB (+/0.5 dB)


<0.01% (10 Hz to 20 kHz)

Intermodulation distortion:

0.0085% (2nd order)
0.0018% (3rd order)

Signal to Noise ratio:

>115 dB (A weighting)

Damping factor:

>400 (10Hz to 1kHz)

Input impedance:

100 kOhm asymmetrical
200 kOhm symmetrical

Power consumption:

550 Watt maximum


400 mm x 307 mm x 87 mm (W x D x H)


18.3 kg net (per channel)


Black, Stainless steel, Silver