To make an amplifier that breaks the final frontier in fidelity, we need to throw away everything we know about amplifier design and start it all over again. Leaving behind is only one goal, to create the ultimate power amplifier of all time.

Battling with noise, probably the lowest noise power amplifier

Noise is always the biggest enemy of hi fidelity music reproduction. Noise is coming from everywhere. There is radio frequency electromagnetic interference coming from the air, hum noise from the AC power supply leakage, kelvin noise generated from semiconductors and resistive elements, mechanical vibration, etc. Any of these noise will complete ruin the final audio performance.

The noise problem is even more severe in the case of power amplifiers, because of the high current consumption and the high supply voltage. This is the reason why we have 24-bit DAC easily achieves signal to noise ratio of 120dB, but the signal to noise ratio of power amp rarely exceed 110dB. It is clearly the bottleneck in the high definition audio system. Note that human ear have 120dB dynamic range, this means even the best high end audio power amplifier cannot satisfy the resolution of our sense of hearing. Until now, the introduction of the Saxum.

Operating in class-AB, 250W per channel into 8 ohm, dual monaural structure, the Saxum is our new flagship power amplifier. It is designed and built like no other amplifiers. We made absolutely no compromise in cost, in size or in complexity. Gold plated solid copper power bus, 2400VA toroidal transformers enclosed in a magnetically shielded sub-enclosure, 188000uF power supply storage capacitors. Every part has been taken to the extreme in order to achieve the performance level that other peoples think it is impossible.

With distortion so low that challenges the most advanced measuring equipment, and the record breaking signal to noise ratio, the Saxum offers unparalleled resolution, flawlessly neutral sound.


Dual mode compound amplifier

The electronic circuit of the Saxum consists of two individual linear amplifiers tied in a single nested feedback loop. The front-end is an ultra-low noise trans-conductance mode amplifier, whereas the output stage is a wideband, high slew rate trans-impedance mode amplifier. Combining the advantage of these two circuits the result is an extraordinary amplifier having 1.2nV/rtHz input referred noise density and 2MHz bandwidth, a set of figures that is unobtainable with any other technologies or other audio system.

The supremacy in noise is demonstrated in the FFT plot. Every noise components are smaller than -120dB with respect to the 1W output signal, this is ten time better than some of the best power amplifiers regardless of price.

Multi-Rail high power tracking regulators

Every section of the Saxum amplifier is powered by low noise regulator. Voltage supply for the low power section is stabilized by choke coil and triple regulated.

Even the most power demanding output stage supply is tightly regulated. This high power output stage regulator is an innovative linear tracking regulator, which does not only remove noise from the supply rail but also holds a constant input to output difference voltage, maintaining optimum regulation performance under the most rigorous current transient. Superior stability when driving low ohm loudspeakers is assured.

Resonance free low profile heat sink

Due to the generous amount of class-A bias current applied to the Saxum’s power output stage, its static power dissipation is as high as 150W for each channel. That means a big heat sink is required to dissipate this high idle power. Unlike traditional long fin heat sink, the Saxum’s heat sink is a low profile design that is immune to mechanical resonance. 5mm thick solid copper bars act as heat pipe that effectively distribute the heat evenly around all four side panels of the metal housing. No noisy ventilation fan or ringing metal fin is used.

Self-leveling Tri-axial mechanical suspension

Weighting more than 120Kgs, the Saxum requires dedicated mechanical supporting structure. Four gigantic suspension feet loaded with special damping spring system which provides balanced compliance in both horizontal and vertical directions. The Saxum is mechanically isolated from vibration coming from 360 degrees, keeping a stable platform for the sensitive electronic circuit within.



Power output:

250 W RMS, 8Ohm
500 W RMS, 4Ohm

1000W RMS, 2Ohm

Frequency response:

10 Hz to 20 kHz (+0/-0. 2 dB)

Voltage gain:

26.7 dB (+/-0.5 dB)



Signal to Noise ratio:

>130 dB (A weighting)

Damping factor:


Input impedance:

20K Ohm asymmetrical
40K Ohm symmetrical

Power consumption:

300 Watt typical

2800 Watt maximum


520 mm x 544 mm x 618 mm (W x D x H)


130 kg